About Philip C. Jessup Moot Competitions

The Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition, simply Known as Jessup Moot Court (JMC), is the largest and most prestigious moot competition globally. JMC teams comprise 2 to 5 members and the judges are 3 instead of 15 (the number of judges in a real trial). The competition is held in oral and written parts; in the written part, the competitors should produce memorials.

ATU's Jessup Moot Court Team

The Jessup Moot Court Team at ATU was established in 2013. The main awards of the team include:

  • The Best Memorial at national level, 2013; by virtue of this prize, the team was admitted into the global championship as an observer team;
  • The Best Memorial Prize at national level, 2016;
  • Two ATU members, Dr Esmaeil Yaghoubi and Ms Elnaz Nasari, judged in the international round, for the first time;
  • The Best Memorial Prize at national level, 2019; the team was admitted into the global championship (2019) in Washington.

Address: Moot Court Academy, 3rd floor, Faculty of Law and Political Sciences, Allameh Tabataba'i University, Varzesh Square, Dehkade-ye Olampik, Tehran, Iran.
Postcode: 1489684511
Email Address: atumoot@gmail.com
Coach: Mr Farzad Fallah
Members: Tina Sedghiani Aval, Zahra Moshref Javadi, Esmail Yaghoubi, Farzad Fallah, Moeen Arefi-fard Yousef Baba&39i, Negin Nade-ali, Saeed Kaveh, Elnaz Nasari, Keivan Aghbali, Maryam Agha’i, Farzaneh Montakhab, Neda Ghafari tabrizi
The Consulting Professor: Dr Pouria Askari.