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ATU Rank Improved in ISC


Directorate for International Academic Cooperation —

This year, in the Islamic World Science Citation Database's (ISC) 2019 rankings, Allameh Tabataba'i University (ATU) was evaluated and placed in the 22-30 rank group.

In this ranking, ATU was evaluated in the comprehensive universities group and could improve its previous ranks. Last year, ISC had ranked ATU in the 31 to 40 rank group.

Given the different nature and activities of the academic institutes in Iran, results of the 2019 ISC rankings are presented in five sub-categories of "comprehensive universities", "industrial universities", "research institutes", "art universities" and "science universities." In this ranking, 192 universities and research institutes were evaluated by 26 indicators in terms of five general criteria, namely "quality of research", "quality of education", "international outlook", "facilities", and "social, economic and industrial supports and activities". Of all 192 institutes, 84 were comprehensive universities, 29 industrial universities, 45 medical and health services universities, 4 art universities, and 30 were research institutes.

In this ranking, the required information was partly provided by universities and institutes through an electronic form, with the remaining data collected from the WoS and ISC databases, the ISC Academic Rankings Department says.

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