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ATU and CSU Sign Two Mobility Agreements


Directorate for International Academic Cooperation —

In a session held on 13 July 2019 in Allameh Tabataba’i University (ATU), a delegation from Chelyabinsk State University visited and signed two agreements on academic cooperation with ATU.

In a session held on Saturday, 13 July 2019 in Allameh Tabataba’i University (ATU), two agreements on academic mobility were signed and exchanged between ATU and the Chelyabinsk State University (CSU). By virtue of the two agreements, professors and students will be exchanged between the two institutes.
At the outset of the meeting, Professor Hossein Salimi, ATU President, delivered a speech of welcome to the Russian delegation and briefly introduced the potentials of ATU. “ATU is the only Iranian public university specialized in humanities and social sciences,” he said, adding that a large number of eminent political characters of Iran are ATU alumni or faculty members. He then pointed to ATU’s first national rank in theorizing and reported on the requests received in ATU from national authorities to counsel the government in banking, economic, media, and cyberspace issues. He then provided few facts, saying: “ATU has 16 thousand students, of which 60 percent are studying in postgraduate levels. We have 11 Faculties and 10 Research Centres,” and closed his introduction pointing to the potentials of ATU’s digital library, as one of the largest academic digital libraries in Iran.

Afterwards, Dr Diana Tsiring, CSU Rector, introduced the CSU and said, "CSU is a relatively young university, established in 1976. It has currently 20 thousand students, 20 Faculties and Institutes, and 3 branches, one being located in Kazakhstan." She then added that “humanities is highly active in CSU, and we have powerful schools of thought in this area of science.” She finally pointed to the two universities’ treasuries of distinguished professors as well as the great many Russian students interested in learning Persian which can contribute to better academic and research collaborations between the universities.
The meeting was concluded with the parties signing and exchanging two agreements on the exchange of professors and students.
Prior to the session, the Russian delegation had a visit to ATU’s Imam Ali Cultural Complex, including Imam Ali Mosque and Allameh Tabataba’i Museum, and the Central Library and Documentation Centre.
Founded in 1976, CSU is a non-profit public higher education institution located in the large city of Chelyabinsk. It is officially accredited by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation, and has had several partnerships with ATU during recent years.

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