Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences

Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences, with a wide variety of disciplines, such as Psychology, Education, Guidance, Counseling and Library Science, allows students to choose a broad range of subjects suited to their interests and career needs. It enables students to achieve excellence in teaching and research in psychology and educational sciences. The Faculty aims at preparing quality graduates who can apply their knowledge and skills in different educational settings, including schools, training organizations, or higher education institutions. It also gives students a chance to become familiar with important methods, theories, and new scientific discoveries in the field of Psychology. The Faculty educates students and helps them to use their knowledge to solve problems related to abnormal behaviours and psycho-social disorders of adults and children. Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences has eight departments and 74 academic staff and is currently educating 2550 students. Facilities available in the faculty include film and sound studios, photography laboratories, and a specialized library.