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Insurance Management Department

The Insurance Management Department initiated its activities since 2004. The department has ever since held two session each month, in which department’s faculty members as well as Vice-Deans for Education and Research of the College participate. Together with ECOI's Educational and Research Council, this department forms one of the fundamental executive bodies of the College, implementing the policies made by the Board of Trustees. Since 2004, Dr Atousa Goudarzi has headed the department, and five full-time faculty members have taught therein. Some of the responsibilities of the department are as follows:

  • Monitoring educational programmes, and faculty members' activities and performance;
  • Proposing the establishment of new courses, as well as revising the existing ones;
  • Analyzing the submitted special research projects;
  • Analyzing new faculty members' cooperation requests, according to the existing statute.

Faculty Members at ECOI

ECOI are enlisted below. You can access each one's résumé by clicking on his/her name below.