Faculty of Communication Sciences

This faculty became independent of Social Sciences Faculty in 2013 (1392), and the two faculties were located in the same campus until 2015 (1394). In 2015, the faculty of communications officially began its independent activity in the central faculty of Allameh Tabataba’i University. The field of Communication Sciences, dated back to before the Islamic Revolution, was independently active in the faculty of Social Sciences in BA, MA, and PhD programs until mid-2015. Now, the faculty offers Communicative Studies and IT, Journalism, and Social Relations in B.A. program, Journalism and Social Communications Science in M.A. program, and Communication Science in PhD program.

The faculty of Communication Sciences has 15 faculty members and 783 students in three levels of different majors. Moreover, Communications Research Center and center of excellence in Communications are scientific and research centers related to the faculty. Specialized library, computer room, and amphitheater are some of the other facilities of the faculty.