School of Graduate Studies

Knowledge-based development has entered a new role in the agenda of the university so that it can take measures in educating strong work force with commitment to support developmental plans of the country in economic, cultural, and social fields. In order to paly such a role in to improve the ability of managers and experts of executive organizations of the country, ATU founded a faculty named “Azad Center of Professional Trainings” in 1991 (1370). In 2012, with the approval of the Council of Higher Education, this faculty was promoted to the School of Graduate Studies of the university. It currently has 12 faculty members and more than 2000 students in B.A., M.A., and PhD levels.

ATU School of Graduate Studies as a unique educational institution pursues an independent path towards academic excellence. This school is known as an available university for all qualified applicants; in addition, by applying a wide range of educational programs required by Islamic Republic of Iran (in Humanities and Social Sciences), it has ended the limitations of classic traditional education. A wide range of words (e.g. creative, entrepreneur, outstanding, and complex) have been used to describe the nature of this university organization. The function of the school has made it one of the most well-known parts of ATU and country’s Higher Education. Organizational structure, expertise, and the variety and thoroughness of the fields have been the origin of creativity and innovation.